About Us

Diab Al Youssef & Sons Co.

Founded in 1975, DIAB Al Youssef & Sons corporation Co. operates as the exclusive agent and representative of leading European brand names in the construction domain, particularly in the bathroom sanitary & bathroom furniture industries, the kitchen fittings and piping technology.

Our Mission:

"To approach all client projects with competitive creativity and to service our clients to the highest professional level".

With more than 30 years of experience and selected international sanitary brand to be represented by our company, we earned a very good reputation in both private and public sector which allowed us to earn our share in the Syrian market

with two showrooms in Damascus, and the head office, our company's functions as on-the-spot

Distribution Department for the companies represented. it is an accessible and seamless link between the Syrian market, costumer and the multinationals of Europe.

Over the years, Diab ALYoussef & Sons has established a solid reputation across the Middle East, enhancing the image and market presence of the companies it represents, confirming them as being of the highest calibre.

Today, Diab ALYoussef & Sons is a prominent construction material provider for the Syrian Market.

Diab ALYoussef & Sons is constantly seeking to extend it's product portfolio, as it endeavours to address the ever evolving trends and demands of the region.